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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Trauma Study for Adolescent Girls

*We are NOT currently recruiting for participation in this study*

This study investigates the development of mental health following trauma, specifically post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Adolescents go through significant emotional, cognitive, and emotional development, and many mental health disorders emerge in this period. NeuroTaP believes that studying the development of mental health during adolescence will improve prevention and treatment of disorders.

A teen may be eligible if they are female, between the ages of 11 and 17, and have either experienced trauma or never experienced any trauma and do not have a mental health disorder. They must be accompanied by a caregiver or legal guardian to each study visit, and must be able to speak and understand English.

A teen is NOT eligible if she has a history of brain damage, seizures, ASD (Autism) or other developmental delay, has serious unstable medical problems, has braces, a permanent retainer or any other metal in their body, or if they are pregnant.

Participation in this study includes 2 visits to the Wisconsin Psychiatric Institutes and Clinic (WISPIC). These visits include a confidential interview with a trained interviewer (lasting approximately 60 minutes), questionnaires about mood and behavior, and an MRI scan (a safe and non-invasive scan lasting ~45 minutes to take pictures of your brain). Depending on your experiences with trauma, we may ask you to return for 2 follow-up study visits.

Participants can earn between $95 and $195 for involvement in this study. Please contact the HealthEmotions Research Institute at 608-263-5756 or for more information and to see if your child qualifies for participation.